in portfolio,I used existing Power Automate Twillio SMS connector to send WA messages.Send Whatsapp message to microsoft temas.Integration between whatsapp and microsoft teams.such a custom integration may require programming knowledge and development skills. If you or your organization lack the necessary expertise, you might consider seeking assistance from a developer or software development team.

Sign up with Twilio and enable WhatsApp: Go to the Twilio website (twilio.com) and sign up for an account if you haven't already. In the Twilio Console, enable WhatsApp for your account. This process might involve requesting access to the WhatsApp Business API, and Twilio will guide you through the verification process. Obtain Twilio credentials and phone number: Once WhatsApp is enabled for your account, Twilio will provide you with the necessary credentials (Account SID, Auth Token) that you'll need to access their API. You'll also need to obtain a Twilio phone number capable of sending and receiving WhatsApp messages.

Create a Power Automate flow and Use HTTP actions to interact with Twilio API

Twilio's API for WhatsApp with Power Automate requires some technical knowledge of APIs, HTTP requests, and JSON data handling. Additionally, WhatsApp integration through Twilio's API might be subject to specific country regulations and availability restrictions. Always review the documentation and guidelines provided by Twilio and WhatsApp to stay updated on the latest features and limitations