An Outlook add-in is a piece of software that extends the functionality of Microsoft Outlook, a popular email and personal information management application. Add-ins allow you to integrate third-party features, services, and tools directly into the Outlook user interface, enhancing productivity and streamlining workflows.

Site created to search data in various lists and search documentation and prepare quotation for clients using the details fetched

In the first box of the table above, the data is populated by cascading the dropdown based on what was selected in the previous dropdown. In the second box, the data is auto populated after Pump SL No is selected from the dropdown. All these data comes from the lists mentioned above.

Here,The user can manually enter the name, email, subject, address and reference number and can also manually update the part filter data if required.

The user can add multiple filters to the search by adding information in different search boxes and find the information they are looking for precisely.

Once it has opened, open outlook from the Info or Inquiry account and go to the mail for which ticket needs to be created. Click on 3 dots on the mail and open the Outlook Addin as shown below.